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Benefits & Features of Contract

Air conditioning unit will be checked initially before service, for Temperature, Amperage and Noise.The unit will be pulled out, but will not be brought down and physical inspection of the unit will be undertaken.Air filter will be cleaned.Evaporator coil will be checked and cleaned. Condenser coil will be checked.Electrical control panel will be checked and cleaned. i.e check-up of Selector switch. Thermostat P.T.C.R. Oscillation Motor, Vent Levers and Exhaust Levers, if necessary.All Electrical components, such as Running Capacitor, Starting Capacitor, Fan Capacitor, Relay Over Load Protector will be inspected visually for any damages.Wiring and fastening clips will be checked and if necessary, it will de replaced.Fan Motors will be checked and lubrication of the fan motor will be done.Compressor will be thoroughly checked.Unit will be cleaned from any dust and slime.Stabilizer, tripper Switch, Electrical Power Point for the A/C. unit will be checked.After service, Front panel will be cleaned and checked and checked for any defect.A/C unit will be on test run for through check on temperature and working efficiency after service.Detailed report of the A/c unit will be made and will be handed over to customer for their reference. Any repairs required will be informed immediately.Servicing A/c. unit will be on Monthly / Alternate Monthly / Quarterly Basis as per the customer’s desire. Any breakdown calls will be attended with immediate response on normal working hours.

All repair works such as Overhauling, Gas Charging, Compressor replacement, Fan Motors Rewinding etc., will be charged extra. Only Dry Service (at site) will be carried out free of cost.All electrical components and spares charges are to be paid immediately at the time of replacement.For Air Conditioner outside Chennai City limits, to and fro traveling charges and lodging expenses should be borne by the client for each visit, i.e. for attending breakdown calls and service calls (or) Rs.400/- will be charged at a consolidated amount per machine annum.All transportation for movement of Air Conditioners must be borne the client for any Service Station Work.

Free Overhauling : The air conditioning unit will be brought to the Service Station for General Overhauling whenever the condition of the unit requires to do so.
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Free Service Unit : forzest online kaufen For Window air conditioners, provided whenever the air conditioning unit is collected to our service station for over hauling or any major repairs.
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Free Transportation : Free transportation will be provided whenever the air conditioning unit is collected to our service station for overhauling or any major repairs.Free Commissioning : Commissioning will be done by our Technician after overhauling / repairing / reinstallation free of cost.Free Gas Charging : Gas Charging will be done if there is leak in the system at our Service Station. Any Gas leak due to mishandling of the unit will be subject to the sole discretion of Company.Free Compressor : In case of Compressor failures the compressor would be replaced for the air conditioner free of cost at our Service Station. Any compressor failure due to improper electrical wiring, voltage fluctuations or mishandling of the unit will be subject to the sole discretion of the company. This clause is applicable only for comprehensive AMC (including Compressor).
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Free Spares : Supply of spares & materials will be done free of cost (only on receipt of defective spares), if required for the unit, as a result of wear and tear during the contract period.Free Electrical Wiring : All Air Conditioner internal wiring will be attended to free of cost.Free Fan Motor : Any winding / bearing problems will be attended free of cost.Free Chemical Washing : During Overhauling of the Air Conditioners, this chemical washing process will be done free of charges.Free Labour : There would be no labour charges levied for Air Conditioners in Comprehensive contract. However replacement of decorative Front Panel, Outer Cabinet, Air Filter, PVC pipes, inter connecting refrigerant Copper Tubes, Cord Wire, Plastic & Sheet metal components, do not come under this contact in free of cost.
Types of AMC

Ordinary contractComprehensive contract
With CompressorCompressor does not come under free repair / replacement; however the replacement of compressor will be taken care by the manufacturer on its failure during guarantee period.
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