AC Services

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ACs Service Division  :

Our other core business apart from sales is in the field of servicing, upgrading and repairs. This department provides the 1st line and 2nd line support to all over customers and is manned by dedicated and qualified staff comprising engineers and technicians.

Timely services and repairs are always on our agenda and staffs are encouraged to use innovative ideas and constantly improve our downtime, thus waving cost for our customers. It has given us the impetus to constantly improve and polish our techniques, using the latest available technology today.

Being authorized dealers, we enjoy discounted spare parts pricing and with this leverage, the benefits are ultimately passed to our customers. Despite being competitively priced, the customer is assured of genuine and highest quality replacement parts and additional backed by our own warranty for added peace of mind.

Our Service Department provides the after sales service for our customers and to honor our contractual duties. It is managed and administered by technically competent and qualified personnel. Air conditioning units should be maintained and checked by professionals for correct operation to prolong the life and lower the cost of operation. Our After sales service department give service all working days to the prestige customer.

This includes providing 1st Year warranty claim and repair, 2nd year onward compressor failure warranty claim and repair.